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    #12 Mark: Presentation skills

    What does it mean to be a presenter and how can we feel better about being one? Mark is a consultant at and co-owner of Global Denmark, a company that offers proofreading and editing of English texts and that coaches people in becoming better at communicating – be it in presentations or in writing. What is a presentation? A piece of communication, where the presenter is the leader. Consider yourself as a leader, when preparing for and giving presentations. What is best for the audience? Think of your audience, when preparing a presentation: What is relevant for them to know?Make sure you know what you are responsible for – this…

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    #11: Courtney: Becoming a Twitter Savvy Scientist

    How to use Twitter to grow your scientific network, learn something new and have fun on the way? Courtney’s motivation to use Twitter Getting in touch with the scientific community beyond her own lab and project Getting new ideas, learn about latest papers Getting started: Passive engagement, see what other people tweet about Figure out whether that is something you would also like to tweet about – or maybe not and define the person you would like to be on twitter Start tweeting about events you attend. That might feel less scary than providing content from scratch – this may calm your nerves and might make you realise that it’s…