#34 Mike : LinkedIn for Scientists

How to get the most out of it for you and for others

Mike Young teaches researchers how to use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and X for science communication. His background is in media and journalism and he used to work for the news media University Post.

In this episode, Mike shares his insights on:

  • Using LinkedIn as a scientist
  • The different ways in which you can be active on LinkedIn
  • Ethical perspectives in science communication and scientists’ obligations to be generous on social media, to educate and to share
  • Finding a healthy balance between the ‘too much’ and the ‘too little’ of social media use

Mike explains why you should:

  • Use LinkedIn to get in touch with non-scientists, who work in fields and industries related to yours
  • Set aside fixed times to stay connected, and to maintain your own focus and concentration

Check Mike’s webpage https://mikeyoungacademy.dk/ for infos on workshops and collaborations. If you like to connect with Mike check LinkedIn or X @MkeYoung.

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