PhD Workshop – registration closed!

Mindful Time Management: Mastering Your To-Do and Wish Lists

Is your PhD causing you stress and sustaining focus hard? Learn how to apply tools from planning to executing projects

Many academic professionals feel exhausted and stressed due to their workload, time constraints, and mental pressures. While many know time and stress management tools in theory, it appears difficult to implement and stick to them for times long enough to show any or sufficient effect. This workshop closes the gap between theory and practice. Focusing on PhD students, the participants will learn how to apply tools and techniques from planning to executing their projects. As a result, participants shall feel empowered, more effective, and less stressed.

The workshop will follow the logic of planning future tasks, then executing the tasks in the moment and reflecting on them for future reference.

The workshop will cover the following key areas:

Planning the future: How to define, prioritize, and structure tasks?
Organizing the present: How to maintain focus?
Reflecting on the past: What have I learnt about myself?

Together, we will achieve the following objectives:

  • Cultivate a more positive outlook on time management and to-do lists
  • Explore methods to improve and sustain focus
  • Feel equipped with practical tools to handle tasks more efficiently
  • Enable integration of work on personal/professional passion projects
  • Foster the implementation of habits that can ultimately reduce stress levels

This event is over. Stay up to date to don’t miss future ones 🙂

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