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On this page, I share some of my favourite tools and resources that help me stay motivated, healthy and focused. Enjoy!

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My favourite books that have helped me find focus and structure my life in a way that’s healthier and more aligned with who I wanna be. I link the books to an affiliate program. So, if you choose to buy the book through that link I get a small commotion. The price does not change for you! In that way you can support my work and podcast. Thank you 🙂

Deep Work by Cal Newport

In “Deep Work” Cal Newport describes Deep Work as a state of flow, a state in which one is so immersed in a task that one forgets about anything else. It’s here, where we can find out what our brains are actually capable of. In a distracted world, we clog our brain pipes by constantly feeding it with new input. Distraction and short-term focus let our ‘out-going’ pipes grow narrower. We lose the ability to actually go deep. Mostly unnoticed, if we don’t pay attention to it.
It’s not like we don’t get anything done more … Yet the price we pay is high! In the book, Cal very convincingly describes the benefits of Deep Work and how to get more of it.

I am far from perfection! And yet, applying those concept whenever I can has left me being more productive, less stressed and with greater enjoyment of my tasks!

Click here: Deep Work for the affiliate link. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carrol

In “The Bullet Journal Method,” Ryder Carrol shares his strategy for organising thoughts, plans, and schedules.
His method might empower you to design a future that’s more aligned with your needs and desires than your current state. By finding an almost effortless rhythm of reflecting on your past and organising your thoughts, you may gain greater control over your most precious resources: time and energy. I have been using his technique for about two years now, and it has changed A LOT for me!!

It has helped me figure out what I am capable of, what I wish to be capable of in the future, and how I can make room for projects that are satisfying in the long-term rather than the short-term.

Click here: Bullet Journal Method for the affiliate link. Thank you for your support! 🙂

When by Daniel Pink
In ‘When’ Pink describes the different types of sleep patterns people develop during their lifes and/or inherit. The book made me listen and follow my inner clock more. Both when it comes to sleep and when it comes what I do with regards to work; like when I do demanding tasks and when I do less demanding tasks. He also gives some very practical advice on taking breaks and avoiding mental overload. If you would like to safe energy and at the same time use your mental resources in an optimal way, this book is certainly for you!

Click here: When by Daniel Pink for the affiliate link. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Writing Science by Joshua Schimmel
In ‘Writing Science’ Schimmel goes through the entire process of writing scientific manuscript and grant applications. He gives hands-on examples and tips on what to do and what not do. Reading his book and applying its content has not only speed-up my writing process but it has also made it more enjoyable. If you wish to upgrade your writing, this book is certainly for you!

Click here: Writing Science by Joshua Schimmel for the affiliate link. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Atomic Habits by James Clear
In ‘Atomic Habits’ Clear uncovers the power of habits – especially, you guess it – tiny habits. What I really liked about that book was the great encouragement I got for doing the small things, those that don’t seem to matter. But in fact they do! 10 Minutes Yoga in the morning matter. A big glass of water after waking up matter. Taking the stairs instead of elevator. Yes! All those add up. So, cheers to your small wins. If you sometimes feel discouraged and think ‘Does it even matter?’ or ‘I am not doing enough of XYZ’ than please read this book and learn about how to identify, change and praise your habits 🙂

Click here: Atomic Habits by James Clear for the affiliate link. Thank you for your support! 🙂

Finish on Time by Åsa Burman
Finish on Time was my entry to Time Management. Reading this book I realised 2 things: First, I hadn’t known how little I knew about Time Management and Second, that there was easy hacks available that would improve the way I worked by A LOT. In her book, Burman describes different techniques with regards to planning the process of writing a dissertation, prioritising To Dos and getting into focused work. If you want to kick-start your knowledge on managing your resources as a PhD, this is your book!

This book is not available on amazon but you can buy it directly through her webpage (here). This is NOT an affiliate link 🙂


My favourite afterwork mini-workout. It helps me arrive and leave my work behind for today.


If I want to focus and forget about the world around me for a while, it helps me a lot to listen to something relaxing and, yes, monotonous in a way. That can be the sound of rain like I suggest here, but it can also be the sound of thunder, waves, a train or background noise in a café. Happy focus!

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