#31 Elena: Leaving academia – The way out

How can you successfully transition into industry after your PhD – with clarity & excitement?

How to shape your next career step?

Elena Hoffer is the co-founder of alma.me, a company that guides PhDs during their transition journey from academia to industry.

Elena herself graduate from Karolinska Institute in November 2023. She conducted research in the field of skin research and its protective functions. Find her thesis here.

Her missing vision lead her to co-organise meet-ups between PhDs and PhD graduates, who had transitioned into industry.

The spirit of those meetings and all that came along with organising them, sparked Elena’s idea of founding a company that helps PhDs build their bridge to industry. Born was Alma.me.

In this episode, Elena shares her insights on:

  • How you can figure out what you want.
  • How you can figure out what you are good at and enjoy
  • How to increase your chances of being invited for a job interview… and landing your dream-job
  • The role of networking in shaping your career

Elena’s overall advise:

  • Don’t limit yourself to your expert knowledge. –> technical knowledge
  • You have acquired skills reaching well beyond the topic of your PhD project. –> transferable skills
  • Become aware of them, embrace them and find a way to communicate them effectively.

Elena uses the picture of a ‘T’ Where I resembles your expert, niche knowledge and   ͞   resembles your soft-skills, the skills that will enable you to make optimal use of your technical skills 🙂

Check the alma.me webpage for further information and current course offers.

If you like to connect with Elena check LinkedIn (and don’t forget to add a note to your invite .)) or fill in the form at the alma.me webpage.

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