#22 Clarity: defining goals & task

How can you make sure you know what it is you want to do?

At first sight, that might seem like an unnecessary task. How would you not

But at least to me it happened quite regularly that I wouldn’t know whether I could tick off a To Do on my list or that in groups and when tasks got distributed that sometime later it turned out that not everyone was clear about what was expected from them. Both can result in frustration and be demotivating.

One way around such miscommunication, be it just with yourself or in groups, can be to ensure that To Dos and tasks fulfil certain criteria. This is where SMART goals come in handy. They can be used as a ‘tick off’-tool that ensures all aspects of a To Do are covered.

SMART stands for:

Specific –> What exactly do you want to do?

Measurable –> Make it countable! How much? How many? For how long?

Attractive –> Is it important to you? Is it the most relevant right now?

Realistic –> Are you able to tackle the task? What could be missing?

Time-bond –> When do you want to be done?

If you would like to try them, you could print the sheet below or just write the 5 words down yourself 🙂

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