#21 Balancing focus and breaks: Working in Units

Increasing work efficiency by using set intervals of focused work and breaks.

Before learning about units and applying them, I would often wonder: Where did time go? And that was, I think, because I didn’t set clear boundaries between working and taking breaks.

Working in units helps me to draw a clear line between both and has helped me focus, take efficient breaks and be less stressed.

Working in Units

Working: 45 minutes without distration!

Taking breaks: anything between 5 – 15 minutes. Off-screen and away from your desk!

United units

Working in units collectively can add some more magic. It can be a great support to know that another person in the room is concentrating and focused – and – it can be even greater to then take breaks together.

If you live in Copenhagen and are looking for a Deep Work Group, come join me on Wednesdays at the Black Diamond Library. More info in Events and on LinkedIn.

Book recommendations

Finish on Time by ├ůsa Burman

When by Daniel Pink (if you have access to the Danish library system, you can order the book here)

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