#9 Catarina: Orchard manure fertilisation, vineyards and satellite images

How can manure replace mineral fertilisers in apple orchards and how can satellite images help improve vineyard fertilisation?

Catarina Martins Esteves is a PhD student at the University of Lisbon and part of the EU Horizon 2020 project Nutri2Cycle.

Department and Section: Instituto Superior de Agronomia

University supervisors: Henrique Ribeiro, David Fangueiro and Ricardo Braga

Dissertation title (as for now :D)

“Valorisation of organic materials and composts for precision fertilisation of orchards and vineyards”

Topic – in brief

Assessing the impacts of manure fertilisation on apple orchards – in terms of emissions and apple yields. Catarina compares the effects of mineral and manure fertilisation to provide farmers with recommendations on how they can best integrate animal manure into their orchard fertilisation schemes.

Assessing satellite images to improve vineyard fertilisation. From analysing the images Catarina can tell which parts of the vineyard received enough nutrients and which might be lacking nutrients. Translating these information into fertilisation schemes can increase yields and management efficiency.


Assessing the Contribution of ECa and NDVI in the Delineation of Management Zones in a Vineyard

Catarina’s learning

It’s all in your head! Trust yourself – you can do it! Try not to focus on the struggles of the day but zoom out and see the whole picture.

Catarina’s joy

Being out in the field, feeling the sun and hearing the birds. Being able to alternate between field, lab and computer work.

If you would like to connect with Catarina check LinkedIn or ResearchGate.

Catarina’s funding: Her research is supported by EU Horizon 2020 project ‘Nutri2Cycle’ (grant number: 773682)

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