#17 Søren: Building a career in the life sciences

How to find a job you love and thrive in ?

Søren Spanner Bach holds a PhD degree from the University of Copenhagen and is the founder of Life Science Talent Solutions. He helps people educated in the life sciences to find jobs that fit their talents and personalities.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why it can be hard to find a job you actually love and how your strengths and personality can be translated into a career
  • Why it is important to think about your career every once in a while, and how you can approach that

Tips for PhDs:

Try talk to people in positions you find interesting

  • Find out what previous PhDs from your institute are doing now
  • Start a career club with your peers and invite people, who’s jobs or positions you find interesting
  • Make a list of things you enjoy – be at work or in your free time to get to know yourself better

In this episode we also talked about the NGO REBBLS, the patenting company Høiberg and Novozymes.

You can request the free personality test that Søren talked about by filling out the form at the bottom of this page: https://www.life-science-talent-solutions.dk/talent-test

If you would like to connect and get in contact with Søren check out LinkedIn.

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